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MagLev Turbine Technology

Substantially improves wind energy capacity by as much as 80%.

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Advanced Magnetic Levitation

EcoStar uses advanced magnetic levitation (MagLev) horizontal turbine technology to generate high levels of energy with minimal wind current. By using MagLev technology, the rotor floats above the base eliminating friction. This substantially improves wind energy capacity by as much as 80% while reducing maintenance costs over traditional windmills.

MagLev Wind Turbine

MagLev vs. Traditional Windmills

The following represents some basic design differences between a traditional wind turbine and the MagLev turbine deployed by EcoStar.

Comparison of Windmills

Benefits of MagLev

When compared to traditional vertical windmills, MagLev technology provides the following value:

  • - Higher output of energy with minimal wind (less than 3 MPH)
  • - Virtually no noise or harmonic distortion
  • - Does not impact environment in anyway
  • - Does not disrupt environmental air flow
  • - Uses 1/100th of the amount of land
  • - Will last 10 times longer
  • - Much safer to maintain since it is located at ground level
  • - Maintenance costs are a fraction of the expenses when compared to a traditional wind turbine – Not to mention the typical down time experienced.

Commercial Uses

  • - To provide self sustaining power to a community, industrial building or grid.
  • - To retrofit or add to an existing building to create energy independence.
  • - To architectually include within a building design.

Product Sizing & Cost

The following represents approximate cost of a MagLev Windmill Generator system. The exact cost can not be provided without conducting a comprehensive site survey.

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